Programming project (individual)

Subject in the undergraduate course program until 2016

Requirements for revision and re-evaluation of the project: (July 1st)

  1. Besides the 24-cell (5x5) environment used in the project, the program handles the 8-cell (3x3) and the 4-cell (upper, bottom left and right neighbors) environments.
  2. The user is able to define rules in different environments for a given simulation. It is necessary to apply such varied rules and resolve conflicts between them. It has to be clearly visible which rules are active during the simulation.
  3. Application’s interface must be compatible with standard Windows applications (e.g. menus like File, Edit, View etc.), application-specific parts of the interface must be intuitive.
  4. Functional requirements are the same as before: rules editor (in the formula-mode and grid-mode), grid editor, live and steps computing, loading and saving configurations in the format invented during semester (Mr. Modzelewski's format).
  5. New versions of business and technical documentation must be provided. They could be prepared based on the documentation presented so far. Added or updated parts must be indicated.
  6. The program has to be able to detect oscillations and in order to do so a history of length 10 has to be efficiently kept in the program memory. It is a user’s choice if the program stops or continues computations when oscilations are detected.
  7. Required are at least 4 different input samples to run the program with the new assumptions (format as in 4).
  8. The project must be submitted to the Dean’s office on September 2nd at the latest, all data must be on a CD in folders as before: DOC, EXE, SAMPLES, SOURCES.
  9. Defense of the project is planned on September 8th or 9th, place and exact time will be announced on the subject web page on September 6th at the latest, subject web page:
  10. Defense of the project is scheduled on September 9th, we will meet at 12.00, room 210. Presence is mandatory. (September 6th)


Realization, Spring 2016, Meetings:

  1. 25 II 2016. Start, theme's offer, preliminary choice
  2. 3 III 2016.
  3. 10 III 2016. Requirement specification
  4. 17 III 2016. Requirement specification, second date.
  5. 24 III 2016. Requirement specification, second date for the group of Dr. L. Stapp.
  6. 7 IV 2016. Technical specification.
  7. 14 IV 2016. Technical specification, second date.
  8. 21 IV 2016.
  9. 28 IV 2016. Code of modules.
  10. 5 V 2016. Version 0.98.
  11. 12 V 2016. Version 0.99.
  12. 19 V 2016.
  13. 2 VI 2016. Version 1.0.
  14. 9 VI 2016. Test report.
  15. 16 V 2016. Acceptation, final grade.

Red color denotes obligatory dates.


Course title Project (individual)
Program BSc
Status of the Course compulsory
Responsible person Władysław Homenda, PhD, DSc
Hours per week, assessment method 0 / 0 / 0 / 3 / pass
Internal code no ----



Courses description:

The subject is aimed at practical aspect of designing and implementing computer programs using different programming languages and tools, C/C++ and graphical user interfaces (e.g. Windows) are basic programming languages. Student is given a problems to be designed and implemented as a computer program. Necessary documentation and thoroughly testing of the program is an integral part of the subject.


Required prerequisites:

Programming III, Programming GE


Assessment method:

Semester project, evaluated technical and user end specification and milestones.