Academic year 2022/2023


General announcements:

  • enrolments, exemptions, recognitions (e.g. of already passed subject) are possible only in first tree weeks of the semester (October 4th, 2013),
  • acknowledgments of written tests and entering grades in documents are possible only in announced deadlines (October 4th, 2013),
  • only addmited students can pass a subject, i.e. students enrolled in the USOS list (January 18th, 2015),
  • any incomplete or incorrectly filled in document submitted to be authorised will not be considered. A photocopy must be submitted of any document requiring authorisation unless it is a test, exam, grading list, etc. (January 18th, 2015),
  • due to abuse of e-mail communication, according to students' suggestions, the following restrictions are made: (October 4th, 2015),
    • important problems (personal, misfortune) can be directly consulted by e-mail or face to face,
    • questions concerning the taught subject can be asked at class or should be e-mailed via a selected representative,
    • any e-mail must be sent from students server/account, e-mails from other accounts will be automatically put into spam, this restriction concerns all classes of my subjects (lectures/tutorials/labs/projects),


Automata Theory and Formal Languages:


Algorithms and Computability: